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"I have lived in Campus View Apartments for two incredible years while attending Colorado Mesa University. Crystal, the landlord, is fantastic and is always there with one call. She is on top of everything, communicates well with the students in the apartments and makes safety a priority. I have always felt safe living here, there are numerous cameras, plenty of outside lighting, and Crystal continuously makes sure all safety features are working properly. She does not leave any stone unturned. Crystal also makes an effort to instill a community feel in the apartment complex by having get-togethers with all of the tenants, we all know our neighbors, which is great. I am happy to have lived in these apartments throughout my time here at Colorado Mesa and would stay another year if I wasn't graduating."
Marlee H.
"Living at Crystal's apartment complex has been an amazing experience! She is the sweetest landlord and incredibly understanding. The place is amazing, the ability to have my own personal space in the apartment is a blessing. All of the other tenants are phenomenal and kind and Crystal puts together a few bonding experiences for us to all meet and get to know each other which really helps. I loved my stay here and am going to miss the excellent appliances, the place itself, and the people I was there with."
Justin P.
"Choosing this apartment complex was an awesome experience for being a first-time renter. Crystal and her husband were always there if something needed fixing and we had great communication with them. You can tell they truly care about their tenants and I highly recommend it for students trying to rent for the first time. Thank you, Crystal!"
"Crystal is a great landlord! The property is always clean, even if it means Crystal picking up trash herself. She is very quick to respond and makes sure anything that needs to be done in the apartment (light bulbs out, fire alarms, etc.) she makes sure it is fixed promptly. I highly recommend the Campus View Suites and Crystal!"
"Living in the Campus View Suites was one of the best decisions I have made throughout my college experience. Not only is the location close to campus, Crystal is an exceptional landlord that truly cares about the students. Whenever there was a problem with the lights or the laundry machines, she would find someone to fix the problem right away. In addition, she values the appearance of the property and makes sure everything is looking good and well-kept at all times. By providing a welcoming house party to baking homemade Christmas cookies, Crystal is more of a mother figure than anything else. I’ve made some amazing memories here and know that I will miss this home away from home."
"I lived in Grand Junction for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. The last year of studying, I lived in an awesome apartment building named Campus View Suites. When I moved, these apartments had been there for a few years, but did not seem like that was the case. These apartments are well kept inside and out. On the inside, the apartments look like new and are well maintained. When I went for a viewing I was surprised at how clean the apartments were. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew that was the perfect place to call home for a year. The outside landscaping is also well maintained; the grass is always trimmed and the rocks make it look even better. Crystal is the landowner and she is the best one out there. Whenever there was an issue with the internet or something else, she would fix it that same day. She wouldn’t make us wait at all. She is always paying attention to the tenants. Personally, I can say that Crystal cares for her tenants. I was on the soccer team when I lived at Campus View Suites and Crystal took the time to go to my soccer games. I was on the newspaper once and she took the time to write me a note and slid it under my door. She is just awesome! Most importantly, Crystal cares about her tenants’ safety. She has cameras around the apartments and that just made me feel safe. It made us sleep in comfort knowing that our cars/bikes would be safe and that we would also be safe. Campus View Suites apartments are definitely the best apartments out there. I spent 5 years in Grand Junction and lived in 5 different places each year and the last place I called home was the best. If I had not finished my education, I would have signed another contract with Crystal."

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